Local area

Welcome to Harju County, Kose Rural Municipality, Tuhala. We are located 35 km from Tallinn, only a 40 minute drive away. Tuhala is best known for the magical Tuhala Witch’s Well, but the local landscape protection area and the largest karst area in Estonia (188 ha) are also of great interest. There are many high quality catering establishments in the area, as well as exciting activities for grown-ups and children.

Located nearby is Virulase Cave, which is the largest in Estonia; the most powerful energy column in Estonia; Tuhala Church; Järlepa bog; and the Tuhala Witch’s Well, which was named Estonian Wonder of the Year 2012.

Above all, it is the silence, the unspoiled beauty of nature, and friendly reception which will have you coming back to the Kuke Holiday Center again and again.

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Things to do in the area