On site facilities

Activities we offer:

1) Football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, darts – free for all visitors in summer

2) Charcoal grill – free for all visitors; wood or charcoal for an additional fee

3) Sauna with sauna barrel – free for those staying in the holiday house, available for additional fee for those staying in the guest house. We do not offer the sauna barrel from 15 November until 15 April.

4) Bike rent

In summer, guests staying at the Kuke Holiday Center can rent bicycles. The cost of bicycle rental is € 5+VAT per hour, and € 15+VAT for the whole day. Riding a bicycle you can travel along our village’s roads or explore local places of interest.

5) Walk in the woods and be a gatherer

Our holiday centre includes plenty of forest land, and all visitors are invited to enjoy a walk in the woods. It can be just a short walk, or you can go and pick berries and mushrooms; fresh air and singing birds offer you the best kind of holiday. In our forest, you can find blueberries, wild raspberries, wild strawberries (July-August) as well as many edible mushrooms (August-September). If you wish, in our guest house kitchen you can prepare something delicious from the berries and mushrooms you have picked. For free.

5) Fishing

A branch of the Pirita River, the Tuhala River, flows near our holiday centre. In summer, you can rent fishing rods, reels, and a rowboat, upon prior agreement. As for fish, you can catch a pike, a perch, a burbot, or a roach. True fishing fans can go fishing on Järlepa Lake, which is 20 km from our centre by car and 7 km from the centre on foot, if you walk across the bog.

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